was an Irish soul music band formed by Barry Gorey, Martin Daly, Conor Tobin, Brendan O’Mahony, and most recently Adam Walton who remains the last active member. Since we love this band so much we have decided to tell people about their records and music.

However, we did receive a few questions about possible involvement with a kind of trading software named “Immediate Edge”. You should know that we have never endorsed this software and it has already been exposed as a “fake” here:

Their records include In Towers and Clouds, A Satellite Lies In The Ocean, Men Like Us, The Boy Who Tries To Change The World, and Better Live Than Never.

The Immediate
Adam Walton will be playing his guitar at “Le Pub” supporting Martin Carr & Richard J. Parfitt on Saturday the 18th June 2022. You can purchase the tickets from the Le Pub website. He has also composed a new song and performs it live. It’s called “Abalone”

“Cloudburst” is also a new solo which is available on Soundcloud and you can get it at:
We will be adding merchandise and plenty of relevant information about new releases and solo albums. Reach out and message us if you need additional information.