Common Types of Stones

There are many types of stones out there that people can collect. all types of stones and interesting to look at and are made in a different way are in nature.
Basalt is a type of volcanic rock and is black in color. It is made with a mafic composition and is smooth and shiny.
Granite is a coarse gain rock. It is made up of orthoclase, plagioclase, and quarts. This is why it has a shiny color and a number of crystals in the makeup.
Pumice is a type of stone that has fine grains. It is also made due to volcanic activity.
Quartize is a sandstone that is made of mostly quarts. This type of stone is 95 percent quarts.
Slate is a low grade metamorphic rock. It is soft and fragile. It is formed for shale for silt.
These are some common types of stones. They can be found in nature and are commonly collected.